20 Words to Reduce Stress!

•July 26, 2012 • 1 Comment

Take a walk with someone you love!

Laugh – feel the weight of the world strip right off you!
Breathe – believe it or not, we can forget to do this.
Relax – and sleep a little if that’s what you need.
Sing – bet you know a few tunes. “Many brave hearts are asleep in the deep, so beware… BEEEE-ware.”
Dance – I’ll dance with my cane if you want me to. You can do that much, I’ll bet.
Play – not for the competition, but for the joy of whatever game you enjoy.
Forgive – starting with yourself!
Simplify – because you don’t need to worry about all your stuff.
Walk – because it’s the simplest exercise and it will do you good.
Reflect – meditate, pray, consider, learn, grow.
Touch – remind yourself what it’s like to be human.
Compose – poetry, song, letters, a blog. Collect your thoughts, which may be too precious to lose.
Share – with someone else, with everyone else.
Observe – watch the world because the world is awesome!

Share your love openly and with enthusiasm!

Love – because someone needs your love.
Believe – in the best of yourself, in the best of others, in something greater than yourself and greater than all you have or know.
Smile – uses very little effort to go viral.
Commune – you need a little sunshine, fresh air, green trees or white snow, quiet.
Enjoy – milk this moment for everything you can get from it.
LEAD – then teach others to reduce stress as well.


Friendship Skills, from No Such Thing as a Bully

•May 29, 2012 • 1 Comment

No Such Thing as a Bully logo

No Such Thing as a Bully is the anti-bullying system developed by Kelly Karius and myself. Its central premise is this: if you remove labels like “bully” and “victim,” you change the rules by which people evaluate bullying situations. You change the rules! Whatever role the kid may play, it’s the role that gets labeled, not the kid. Since kids are not boxed into roles, they are free to learn how to express feelings in appropriate ways.

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The Gratitude 100!

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Beth's graduation cap

Beth’s graduation cap. As I was unable to drive, I had to miss her graduation.

Yeah. I’ve got a lot I can be thankful for. And since The Stroke, it is so much easier to remember them.
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The Gratitude 100 Challenge!

•May 10, 2012 • 1 Comment



My friend, the Sojourner, has embarked on a personal mission: to list a hundred things she is thankful for, and post them on her blog by Sunday, May 13. She’ll make it – that’s not an issue, because she has 72 as I write this. Here are a few items she shared with me earlier today:

  • A warm place to sleep on a cold and stormy night.
  • That I am forgiven even when I get angry and it goes off the charts and I don’t think Godly thoughts or do Godly things.
  • That the sky was blue and clear today.
  • That I could sleep in today.
  • That I can pay my rent.

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Mood music for good friends, vol. 2

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Here’s a series of my favorite songs, which I listen to when I (a) need a friend, (b) am not getting along with a friend, (c) have a new friend, (d) miss an old friend, or (e) am celebrating my friends. All rock, all the time. LOL


That’s what I wrote for the first volume. The same rules apply here, but I just want to add that I’m choosing songs I like, and though I appreciate that you may not share my taste, I’m not responsible for songs here that do NOT make you feel happier, or more motivated, or more determined, etc.

It’s just that they make ME feel some kind of way from among those. 🙂 I hope they will be of some comfort to you and your friends.
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Drama defined

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If there's gonna be drama, there oughta be masks too!

Once again, I had a complaint:

When people are upset about too much “drama” in their lives, what do they mean? Why don’t they say?

So I brought it up on Facebook, thinking that it doesn’t seem like the same word every time I hear it. And once again, Facebook brought me answers.
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“…we see things as we are…”

•August 5, 2011 • 1 Comment

Link, ready for battle

I’ve had a problem for some time with folks you use social media, especially Facebook, to say things like “life is too short to be anything but happy,” and “surround yourself only with people who make you laugh.” It has been my opinion that when you advocate this, you twist a knife in the wounds of the sad, the lonely and the lost. You suck the oxygen out of their atmosphere. So I brought it up on Facebook myself.

There was some discussion. What came out of it is that, as in many things, there’s more than one point of view.
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