People, lemme tell ya ’bout my best friend…

The Courtship of Eddie's Father

People, lemme tell ya ’bout my best friend…

  • I can talk to my best friend regularly. And I do. But that doesn’t mean I expect that of my friends. I just want them to talk to me, period.
  • My best friend is not shy about picking a fight with me when I deserve it. And those fights tend to burn brightly and burn out, because we’re talking about a meeting of the minds, fundamental disagreements that have at the root mutual respect.
  • My best friend and I share ideas. LOTS of ideas. I think we both realize we need to have lots to score a few good ones, and the good ones – not just ours but everyone’s – are the hope of the world.
  • My best friend doesn’t love everything I love, but also makes an effort not to hate that which I love. Tweaking is reserved for meetings of the minds, described above.
  • My best friend doesn’t pretend. There is genuine concern, compassion, and criticism in this relationship.

Love me, love my friends, I always say. But this one has worked really hard to know me well.


~ by Ron Graham on September 26, 2010.

One Response to “People, lemme tell ya ’bout my best friend…”

  1. One friend like that makes you lucky, more than one is a blessing.

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