Truths, half-truths and a #fail

OK, well, sometimes opposites do attract...

HALF-TRUTH – Opposites attract.
TRUTH – If you have a surplus of some positive quality, you will attract people who don’t. Like a chemical bonding. If you have love to spare, you will find yourself dealing with people who need love. If you have money to spare, Heaven help you. If you have room for a friend, unless you are smelly or dirty or not very nice, people will apply for the position.

HALF-TRUTH – We attract what we expect to attract. (This is a doctrine held by some followers of the Law of Attraction.)
TRUTH – Friendship, being the product of the behavior of two human beings at least, is not something you can control by your own thoughts and expectations. No matter how sincere you may be. What you CAN do is keep rejecting potential friends until you find the (presumably rich and attractive) friend you’re expecting. But that doesn’t set the Law of Attraction apart from what any school kids do already.

HALF-TRUTH – We must be careful not to have close friendships with people totally unlike us, especially in belief. (This is a doctrine held by most evangelical Christians: “be not unequally yoked with the non-believer.”)
TRUTH – if you’re like that, don’t worry: the non-Christians won’t line up at your door anyway. 🙂 However evangelical you may be, you don’t get to be the Judge of all the Earth. That position’s been filled. You have to decide on your friends the way we all do: on whether you and your friend get along.

#FAIL – that we’d allow anyone who doesn’t care a straw about us to tell us how to find people who DO.


~ by Ron Graham on September 29, 2010.

One Response to “Truths, half-truths and a #fail”

  1. “We must be careful not to have close friendships with those totally unlike us…”

    I completely disagree. Why would we not want to be friends with all types of people? Does who you are change when in the company of people that you think are unlike you? Maybe you weren’t really who you thought you were anyway.

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