“The Perfection of the Broken”

Allison Nazarian

I’ve got permission to use part of Allison Nazarian‘s lovely “The Perfection of the Broken,” so here it is. – Ron

When someone tells you about their problematic relationship or the crappy job or the missed mortgage payment or the parent who is one more fall away from a nursing home or their square-peg kid who just doesn’t fit into the round-hole of school, chances are you cannot do a freakin’ thing about it.

Not about any of it.

You want to, and if you are anything like me, you feel the pain and the anguish and the heartbreak of those you care about. And you carry it with you. And you want to use all your skills and expertise and greatness to just make that shit go away.

But you cannot fix it.

You cannot solve it.

You cannot neaten it up.

You may be good, but you’re no Fairy Godmother.

What you are, though, is even better and in its own way, infinitely more powerful.

You have tools, but they always don’t erase or solve or fix or perform miracles. There is no “quick fix” so, frankly, your power doesn’t feel all that satisfying in the moment.

Nevertheless, what you can do and what you are is magic in its own way: You are a friend. A best friend. A lover. A life partner. A spouse. A parent. A neighbor. A sister or brother. A coach. A stranger.

You can listen.

It goes on. You see? Good stuff. I urge you to read the rest from Allison’s blog.



~ by Ron Graham on October 4, 2010.

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