Ten signs your “friend” might not be right for you

Your 'friend' being removed from Progressive Field for a Number Eight

10 – he shows up drunk or stoned for “dude’s night out” (bonus points if he finishes it off in front of you)
9 – he shows off his new case of custom throwing stars
8 – he’s wearing his LeBron Heat jersey and you’re going to the Indians’ game (bonus points if you’re going to see the Cavs)
7 – he gets a call every five minutes from “the psycho b****

6 – he gets you pulled over for “open container”
5 – he insults the waitress at the restaurant (bonus points if he insults people at the other tables) (bonus bonus if he uses N-bombs, F-bombs, etc.)
4 – he changes the radio station settings in your car (bonus points if he turns on Glenn Beck)
3 – he smells BAD
2 – he just got fired for stealing office supplies from his company – and reselling them
1 – he promises to put your memorable night out on “Facebook”

You can do better. You CAN, right? 🙂


~ by Ron Graham on October 7, 2010.

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