Heroism: How to be wanted

Mysterious woman. Not the same one. This one turns out to be a robot or something.

A wise person once said to me…

…well, I dunno how wise she really was. See, I’d never actually MET her before. And she’s not exactly older than me. And this happened just a few days ago. and the lightbulb didn’t go off in my head for, like, a full day after she said it. But she said…

You need to see the world the way other people do. You need to feel what they’re feeling. Once you do that…<shrug>

I would’ve said “how did she even know?” except it doesn’t usually take long for people to see what I’m about. The mysterious woman’s unspoken message is that if I can empathize, I can be the person with the power to make a difference. The ability to meet the need. And that encompasses a lot of needs fulfilled, including products and services… and friendship. It’s all tied up in one word: empathy.

If it hadn’t been a woman told me this, I’d have sworn it was the second coming of Zig Ziglar. Maybe this mystery woman was a fan?


~ by Ron Graham on October 19, 2010.

One Response to “Heroism: How to be wanted”

  1. Wish I’d said that…

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