Dr. Ron’s Garden of Meh

desktop valet / garden from Gizmodo


Maybe you’re like me, and every now and again you need to step back from everything. You need a place to go where it’s OK if you can’t care. When you’ve had a bad day, bad week, bad experience, whatever, and you just want to walk away from it for a little while. I call it the Garden of Meh. When I’m in it, don’t bother me. The idea behind the Garden is that you’ve got something all your own, that you can let go to randomness and decay, without it affecting anything that’s really important.

The problem is that the world keeps on turning while you’re not caring. So while Dr. Ron wholeheartedly recommends you have your own Garden of Meh, you should have some usage rules to go along with it:

  • You have to rejoin the world at a certain time. Ready or not, here you come.
  • You can avoid caring about anything while you’re in there. Everything except your family and friends. Most of the time, it’s not their fault you went there anyway.
  • You have to let someone know when you go in, and why. That’ll force you to have a good reason, especially if the person you alert isn’t afraid to call you a wuss.

You could even have your own little Desktop Garden of Meh, as pictured above. That particular design, that’s a little neater than I’d envisioned. The plants would be weeds – they don’t need tended. And I’m not sure I’d trust my cell phone in the Garden, where the weeds could eat it. Frank Duncan suggested the following to me on Facebook:

You should make a desktop Garden of Meh, like those personal Zen gardens. just have a little sandbox, some sand in a bag that just stays in the bag, a rake that you eventually lose, and a couple of pebbles that end up in a drawer and you always wonder, ‘where did these come from?’ but it’s OK, ‘cuz you don’t care that anything was unpacked, ‘used as directed’ or ever reached a harmonious state. Could be the smash hit this Christmas.

Could be. My own might include a few paper clips, a lost phone number or two, a dead bug, some staples, you know, stuff like that. Because it’s where it is, of course, I can’t care. It’s in its safe space, and when I’m meditating on it, all is Second Law of Thermodynamics. 🙂


~ by Ron Graham on November 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Dr. Ron’s Garden of Meh”

  1. I agree that you need to decide ahead of the time that there is a limit to the amount of time you spend there. Yep, you can pout or be angry or depressed, but you’ve got to set a limit!

  2. Also, that you have to tell people once you come out.

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