When keeping it real goes wrong


She likes to do WHAT? WHEN?

Aaron Gingles, who penned this article, is a graduate of Morgan State University and a computer technician in Trenton, NJ. He loves homemade Chai.

Intimacy in relationships is a fragile thing. My old girlfriend told me she wanted us to be the best of friends. I agreed. She took my hand and guided it along her well-shaped ass, at which time I assumed we were going to engage in some exceptional coitus between BFs.

Instead, my palm was led to “darker places” and she proceeded to release a long, screwfacin’ fart right in my hand. She laughed and I thought to myself, “I guess she thinks that this is what BFs do.”

So, I removed my tainted hand from her butt and covered her mouth and nose with it (‘cuz that is also what BFs do, after all). Shoulda seen the look on her face. Our relationship was never quite the same after that day. Not sure why.

I’m all for closeness and intimacy with your loved one but you got to know your limits. Peace.


~ by Ron Graham on November 13, 2010.

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