The holidays are the cruelest time

Santa's got a message for Susan

Santa's got a message for Susan

…it’s certainly the cruelest time for…

  • People who aren’t near their friends, and can’t get to them.
  • People who have had trouble with a friend.
  • People who have problems beyond what their friends can solve (e.g. debt, sickness, injury, etc.)
  • People who have lost someone dear to them.
  • People who simply don’t have friends, for whatever reason.

Let me say a word about the last. I’ve been a curmudgeon, so I know what that’s like – but not everyone who’s friendless IS a curmudgeon. People can be friendless because

  • of a major life upheaval that separates them from what had been their source of friendships (e.g. loss of job, divorce, etc.)
  • of a separation that’s outside of their control (e.g. military, weather-induced, etc.)
  • of their attending college or graduate school in a different country

These people will benefit from our compassion during the holiday season more than at any other time of year. Why? Because not only do they have no-one to be with, but they are restricted in where else they can go. On Christmas the Library is closed, and so are nearly all of the restaurants and bars. Same again on New Year’s Day.

Even a phone call from someone who gives a rip can make a major difference in the lives of these people. Be the one who makes that call. C’mon, you heard me.

And when you do, or if you did, tell me something about the call you made, so’s I can praise you. Because I will. 🙂


~ by Dr. Ron Graham on December 29, 2010.

One Response to “The holidays are the cruelest time”

  1. Friends and family can be the greatest gift of all!

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