Half-truths, ivory-colored

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman, dreaming about her karma

Half-truths, cream-colored
ivory-hued, matte-finished
Are all still half-truths.

This is a haiku I constructed from something I heard Uma Thurman say in a movie. (She followed up by saying that half-truths – or perhaps what we would call “little white lies” – undermine the foundation of our relationships.)

I contend that she’s no expert, though she played one in the movie.

And this line has some meaning for me. Recently I learned that a couple of people who are close to me have withheld information I’d be interested in, because they thought said information would make me “go off.”

They’ve heard me get angry before, and rant and storm about injustice, especially when people treat me, or those I love, unjustly. How I want to get even, or at least vindicated. The problem with that is that getting even – even thinking about getting even – takes a buttload of emotional energy. I’m not built for it any more. Maybe I never was.

But sounding off lets me get it out of my system. So I told those people not to hide the ugly whole truth from me any more, and instead let me vent my spleen about it. I want my friends and loved ones to trust me, and I want my karma to remain intact (or nearly so) afters.

Isn’t that something we all want?


~ by Ron Graham on January 23, 2011.

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