Drama defined

If there's gonna be drama, there oughta be masks too!

Once again, I had a complaint:

When people are upset about too much “drama” in their lives, what do they mean? Why don’t they say?

So I brought it up on Facebook, thinking that it doesn’t seem like the same word every time I hear it. And once again, Facebook brought me answers.

Kelly Karius had a wonderful definition she shared with me, and on her behalf, I’ll say you can share it too – if you include her name as author. Fair enough?

  • Drama is… making up a back story to get your own way (that is, lying).
  • Drama is… affecting other people with your terrible mood (because YOU are more important than THEM).
  • Drama is… the creation of situations that make people say WTF! (while YOU watch and smile on the inside).
  • Drama is… an over-exaggeration of your own needs in order to get people to jump to it (because YOU are more important than THEM).
  • Drama is… a tool that draws attention to you (Because YOU are more important than THEM).
  • Drama is… thoughtfully created and re-actively put out into the world. (after all, this play is not for people to watch, but to LIVE).
  • Drama is… fluid. A drama that starts as a comedy can quickly become a tragedy, and vice-versa.
  • Drama is… something that allows you to protect your real self from everyone, and interrupts your ability to live your best life.
  • Drama shows… you don’t know how to get what you need any other way.

Mark Davidson goes on to add

Drama simply means making a situation more dramatic than it actually is. Ever meet someone whose life is a soap opera? Mostly drama is created to draw attention to one’s self. There are people who take the idea that all the world is a stage, literally.

I’ve found that the people who complain about drama are typically the people who create it. Stand back and watch. You’ll see that what I just wrote is true. It’s a universal law.

Kelly and Mark make it clear: any “drama” we experience is more like Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing than anything else. (So now I have to go back and read it again.) 🙂


~ by Dr. Ron Graham on August 6, 2011.

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