The Gratitude 100 Challenge!



My friend, the Sojourner, has embarked on a personal mission: to list a hundred things she is thankful for, and post them on her blog by Sunday, May 13. She’ll make it – that’s not an issue, because she has 72 as I write this. Here are a few items she shared with me earlier today:

  • A warm place to sleep on a cold and stormy night.
  • That I am forgiven even when I get angry and it goes off the charts and I don’t think Godly thoughts or do Godly things.
  • That the sky was blue and clear today.
  • That I could sleep in today.
  • That I can pay my rent.

I’ve been going around saying I know about gratitude so much better since I suffered a stroke on Valentine’s Day. But I have not really sat down and taken stock of how much I am grateful for, nor looked at these things item by item. Sojourner (and others) have told me that such an exercise – even keeping a “gratitude journal” – really helps them maintain equilibrium later, when things may not be going so well.

I can identify with that.

So I took Sojourner’s idea and made it a personal challenge for me. With nothing on my own list at all as I write this, I must make it to a hundred things that spark my gratitude by Sunday. It’s something I’ve been needing.

And now I am passing that challenge on to you: will you make such a list for yourself? I am asking you to think about what you’re thankful for – spend a few quiet hours in the next few days, and compile a list. See how far you get, and see how much better, how much happier, you feel.

And if you do this, and blog about it (or if you don’t have a blog, maybe use a Facebook Note…?), I will share it, and so you and I will reach out together to new friends, who are as grateful as we are. If you have already done this before, share! I will pass that on too.

Well. There it is. Let’s get rockin’! 🙂


~ by Dr. Ron Graham on May 10, 2012.

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