The Gratitude 100!

Beth's graduation cap

Beth’s graduation cap. As I was unable to drive, I had to miss her graduation.

Yeah. I’ve got a lot I can be thankful for. And since The Stroke, it is so much easier to remember them.

  1. For healing; that each day I am a bit better than I was the day before.
  2. For the knowledge that someone misses me when I’m not around.
  3. For peanut butter. Crunchy peanut butter.
  4. For a working computer; not to mention working hands to use it.
  5. For my Mom. “M is for the many things she gave me.”
  6. For “The Avengers,” and their tipping me off to shawarma.
  7. For a few good friends, and the way they go the extra mile.
  8. For an unexpected call, with a friendly voice on the line.
  9. For Spring.
  10. For flights of fancy – the well-spring of creativity.
  11. For Tribe baseball, win or lose.
  12. For answered prayer, regardless of the answer.
  13. For my brother, the best teacher on the planet.
  14. For the occasional opportunity to teach others myself.
  15. For clean running water.
  16. For our (currently) dysfunctional system of government, which makes us still the greatest nation in history.
  17. For people who inspire me, like Gregory Iron for instance.
  18. For two dimes to rub together.
  19. Barberton chicken dinner. (from Whitehouse Chicken)

  20. For Barberton Chicken.
  21. Heck, for Barberton. And its environs.
  22. For friends in other nations – though we are separated by distance, we share the same moon and stars.
  23. For the physical support of cane, walker and therapists – as long as I need it.
  24. For blankets and pillows.
  25. For the ability we have to draw humor out of (almost) everything.
  26. For five senses intact.
  27. For music, so much music that we can choose what we like!
  28. For my ex-wife, whose influence has my kids happy, smart, hard-working and well-adjusted.
  29. For happy memories.
  30. For lessons learned, even from failures.
  31. For so much in the world to #GEEK out over! The world is awesome!
  32. For public libraries.
  33. For soft, cute little bunnies.
  34. For partnerships in hopeful businesses, on the edge of breakthroughs.
  35. For the conviction that “there is also love in the world.”
  36. For the opportunity to be surrounded by talented people.
  37. For comic conventions, especially the ones big enough for cosplay.
  38. For thousands of people willing to work to end bullying. If only they’d work together.
  39. For those little packets of flavoring that turn water into Kool-Aid for pennies.
  40. For Chinese lunch buffets. Good ones, that is.
  41. For the chance to learn something new every day.
  42. For my daughter, Beth, and my son, Rob. I am blessed.
  43. For having had the Internet available to me for half a lifetime.
  44. For lint traps.
  45. For the way our bodies are built to heal themselves.
  46. For the soft breezes of April and May.
  47. For pro wrestling, and the number of great promotions nearby!
  48. For the kindness received from unexpected places while I’ve been recovering.
  49. For the fact that at Dollar Tree, everything actually IS a dollar!
  50. For a lack of fear over what tomorrow may bring.
  51. For turkey bacon. It’s not really bacon, but that’s OK.
  52. For the wisdom to know I don’t know all I need to know.
  53. For the conviction that (almost) everyone has a lesson for me.
  54. For the softness of a woman’s skin. The thought of her lips. And so on. 🙂
  55. For a sense of humor (kinda). 🙂
  56. For happy baby noises.
  57. For a comfortable chair to work in.
  58. For craft beer.
  59. For blogs, so useful for knowledge management.
  60. For the entrepreneurial spirit, and how it inspires.
  61. Map from Trenton, NJ to Akron, OH along I-80 (per Google Maps)

  62. For the 450-mile drive between Trenton and Akron, because there are friends at both ends.
  63. For having dropped 20 pounds in the last couple months. Feeling better too!
  64. For people who have given me rides at times of need.
  65. For knowing I will drive again soon! 🙂
  66. For books on tape, books on CD, and those little MP3 players with a book inside.
  67. For the chance to be useful.
  68. For a mug of hot tea. More thankful when there’s a cookie or two to be had.
  69. For “the shoulders of giants,” like Galileo, Newton, Kepler, Einstein.
  70. For the freedom to disagree. Especially when it comes with the discipline to do it with good manners.
  71. For the inability to forget my good friends. I’m compelled to reach out every day.
  72. For back episodes on Hulu, and sometimes even on YouTube.
  73. For live music.
  74. For clean laundry.
  75. For my next meal.
  76. For coffee shops with Internet.
  77. For instant replay.
  78. For a place to pray.
  79. For a peaceful heart.
  80. For Pokemon.
  81. For summer breezes.
  82. For animal rescues.
  83. For the chance to laugh until I cry.
  84. For the chance to cry until I heal.
  85. Hodge’s Cafe burger – two hands there, son. 🙂 (Image from

  86. For a really good burger. Like at Hodge’s Cafe. With everything. Pepper Jack cheese.
  87. For coming from the human race, built to invent.
  88. For mountains, beaches, trees and open sky.
  89. For the technology that has made the world different from the one I was born into.
  90. For the kind help and encouragement of nurses and therapists.
  91. For Angie’s Meatball Splash. With mushrooms.
  92. For forgiveness.
  93. For family holidays.
  94. For having no need to play along, to mimic others.
  95. For walks around the block.
  96. For those times when someone tells a good story.
  97. For that moment when I know exactly what to say.
  98. For the knowledge that I’m changing every day. Even aging is part of the natural order, and I embrace it.
  99. For the joy that comes in the morning, even after weeping in the dark.
  100. For being comfortable alone.
  101. For the simple comfort of a question like “how are you?”
  102. For the luxury of not being in a hurry.
  103. For the diverse opinions that come from all you people who are wrong. 🙂

Here are others who have done this, bless ’em!


~ by Dr. Ron Graham on May 12, 2012.

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