20 Words to Reduce Stress!

Take a walk with someone you love!

Laugh – feel the weight of the world strip right off you!
Breathe – believe it or not, we can forget to do this.
Relax – and sleep a little if that’s what you need.
Sing – bet you know a few tunes. “Many brave hearts are asleep in the deep, so beware… BEEEE-ware.”
Dance – I’ll dance with my cane if you want me to. You can do that much, I’ll bet.
Play – not for the competition, but for the joy of whatever game you enjoy.
Forgive – starting with yourself!
Simplify – because you don’t need to worry about all your stuff.
Walk – because it’s the simplest exercise and it will do you good.
Reflect – meditate, pray, consider, learn, grow.
Touch – remind yourself what it’s like to be human.
Compose – poetry, song, letters, a blog. Collect your thoughts, which may be too precious to lose.
Share – with someone else, with everyone else.
Observe – watch the world because the world is awesome!

Share your love openly and with enthusiasm!

Love – because someone needs your love.
Believe – in the best of yourself, in the best of others, in something greater than yourself and greater than all you have or know.
Smile – uses very little effort to go viral.
Commune – you need a little sunshine, fresh air, green trees or white snow, quiet.
Enjoy – milk this moment for everything you can get from it.
LEAD – then teach others to reduce stress as well.


~ by Dr. Ron Graham on July 26, 2012.

One Response to “20 Words to Reduce Stress!”

  1. Very nice. Why does the girl have a tail? LOL!

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