After 13 years in the aerospace world, two in robotics, and well over five in education, Dr. Ron Graham found he had the entrepreneurship bug, and decided never to be happy again unless he was working alongside start-ups, helping them and guiding them to early-stage growth.

To bring this dream to reality, he now owns Clarity Strategic, based in the Akron, OH area, and is a partner in a second small company, 609 Media Solutions, based in Trenton, NJ. He has developed the philosophy of Start-up Boot Camp. In Boot Camp, he partners with a start-up – one too busy with day-to-day operation to concentrate on growth – and assists its people in devising and implementing growth strategies.

Among his specialties, brought to bear in Boot Camp, via remote consulting, or in workshops and seminars for businesses small and large, are

  • Social media presence, marketing, and integration with company Web site
  • Documentation of products, services, and processes
  • Development of e-books and other media for sale or public relations
  • Prototyping of new products and services
  • Development of staff, especially new employees

These professional interests are covered extensively in Dr. Ron’s blog, shown on the Clarity Strategic home page, and are among the many topics open for discussion on the Facebook Page, Start-ups Helping Start-ups. Dr. Ron has written the e-book Stress-Free Entrepreneurship, and has co-authored several e-books with Kelly Karius, including Your New Job and Satisfied Employees – Your Employees.

This is his second blog. After years of struggling with making and keeping friends, largely caused by having relocated several times, he’s decided lessons learned here are just as valuable as those learned everywhere else. His objective here is to help people find new friends, care for them, and keep them a long time. 🙂

Here’s how you reach Ron:
phone 330.294.8000
e-mail ron@claritystrategic.com
Facebook http://profile.to/rongraham
LinkedIn http://linkedin.com/in/rongraham
Twittter http://twitter.com/rongraham1


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